Savoia Pasta - "The True Noodle"

Savoia Pasta
Just outside the beautiful Adriatic seaside city of San Benedetto Del Tronto, high in the hills of the Marche Region of Italy is the small town of Monte Prandone. Here originates a delicate and elegant pasta that is still made by hand in the old country tradition. After emigrating from Monte Prandone, August and Grace Bamonti founded Savoia's restaurant in 1934.
Savoia's became well known for its authentic Italian cuisine especially its excellent homestyle pasta. The secret behind the delicate body and full flavor of this fresh egg pasta is its all natural ingredients and handmade preparation. Today's staff still prepares our homestyle pasta by hand as Grace did when it all began. Savoia is proud to continue the heritage of this old country tradition in all of its pasta products.  Our products can be easily be added to a point of sale (POS) system at your store. Shop Online Now!
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What is "The True Noodle?"

  • “Experts say a truly exceptional noodle can be judged by color (a uniform light yellow is best), texture (resistant), taste (nutty) rapid cooking with superior and noticeable capacity to absorb the sauce. ”[1]
  • “Commercial pasta is made with flour and water, and many imported brands are excellent. But for any flat noodles - fettuccine, lasagna, cannelloni - there is nothing better than homemade pasta made with flour and eggs, rather than water.”[2]
  • “In Italy, fresh pasta is made at home with plain flour and eggs. Water and oil are never added.  Semolina flour is only used in commercial dry pasta.”[3]
  • At Savoia Pasta, we take pride in creating a dried pasta that retains all the qualities of fresh homemade pasta.  Similar to homemade pasta, our kinds of pasta are delicate bodied, full-flavored, rapid cooking (2-3 minutes-half the time of most dried pasta) and have a “superior and noticeable capacity to absorb the sauce.”[4]
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What Makes Savoia Pasta "The True Noodle?"

The secret behind “the true noodle” is the unique old country tradition with which it is prepared. Savoia Pasta is made by hand daily with fresh eggs and durum flour, then air dried in our special drying room. The result is a high quality, all natural pasta with a long shelf life. SAVOIA PRODUCTS ARE ALL NATURAL & CONTAIN NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES!

Savoia Pasta

  • Spaghettini - “little strings” - a fine, delicate, tasty noodle; an excellent accompaniment to the traditional Marinara sauce.
  • Spinach Spaghettini - “little strings” - a fine, delicate, tasty noodle; an excellent accompaniment to the traditional Marinara sauce.
  • Linguine - “tongues” - slightly wider than the Spaghettini this flat noodle is delicious anointed with White Clam sauce.
  • Spinach Linguine - our excellent linguine noodle lightly flavored with real spinach. A tasty flavor alternative to the tradtional linguine.
  • Fettucine - “ribbons” - a wide but still delicate noodle traditionally served with an Alfredo sauce.
  • Spinach Fettucine - a wide noodle lightly flavored with fresh spinach;  a delicious, colorful alternative to the traditional Alfredo.
  • Lasagna/Cannelloni - an extra wide noodle perfect for an elegant cannelloni or a hearty lasagna.
  • Spinach Lasagna/Cannelloni - lightly flavored with fresh spinach this extra wide noodle is a tasty alternative to the traditional lasagna as well as an excellent enhancement to a vegetable lasagna.

Savoia Sauces

  • Spaghetti Sauce - Our delicious Marinara made in the world tradition.  Slow cooked with Italian tomatoes, fresh garlic and onions and Savoia Italian seasonings.  The perfect sauce to gently anoint Savoia Spaghettini!
  • Vodka Sauce - A tomato cream sauce, made with fresh cream, parmesan & romano cheeses, Italian tomatoes, fresh garlic & Italian seasonings. Destined to become a new world classic!
  • White Clam Sauce (frozen) - A light sauce made from garlic & onion, clams and seasonings sauteed in oil. Delicious served over Savoia homemade linguine.

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